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order fulfillment for webshops

Parcel Feeder Fulfillment picks, packs and ships your e-commerce orders, all days of the week, 365 days a year.

Parcel Feeder offers scaleable, flexible and automized e-commerce solutions, regarding storage, order fulfillment and shipping.

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One Stop 3PL fulfillment service

From our fulfillment center in Copenhagen, we pick, pack and ship Parcel Feeder e-commerce orders to all of Europe, and the rest of the world for a lot of both small and big web shops. Our customers are the well-established, successful startups and crowdfunding projects.


Your products are safely stored at our secured and food graded warehouse, which is placed in Copenhagen. We are offering additional possibilities for storage, such as racks, pick bins and pallets


We are packing and shipping your orders 365 days a year. That means, you can get your orders picked, packed, shipped and delivered in the weekends as well.


Crowdfunding shipments, batch packing and shipping of marketing materials. We are packing and sending many packs in a short amount of time. We are sending packages daily, for the web shops who are offering subscription solutions to their customers.


World Wide shipping. We have attractive agreements with all the well-known shipping companies in Denmark and the rest of Europe.


Our warehouse and delivery systems, gives you 100% transparency of your order flow and inventory.


We have integrations to most web shops, couriers and marketplaces.


We are part of one of the largest and most well-established fulfillment networks in Europe.


Our customer support are ready to help any day of the week, 365 days a year. Our agents are educated in both logistics and transportation.


If you are selling through Amazon, we can pick, pack and ship your orders through fulfillment by merchant.

Easy and simple integration of website

Parcel Feeder has shipping and warehouse integrations for most web shops and marketplaces. Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce and many others. Easy and simple onboarding.

The local, regional and international heroes

Parcel Feeder has shipping agreements, integrations, and is working together with a lot of both Danish and international delivery companies. Here are some of the couriers, who are both delivering locally, throughout Europe and worldwide.

Strong European network

Parcel Feeder represents F4E in Scandinavia. The F4E network is one of the largest fulfillment networks in Europe, and your guarantee for an international partner with a passion for fulfillment and a target to always deliver the best service possible.  

Packages and shipments

Sqm Logistic space

Parcel Feeder Fulfillment is covering all needs there might be with shipping, using our network of packing and shipping companies. Same-day-delivery, packageshops and place of delivery, business deliveries, express deliveries, and morning deliveries. 365 days a year.

Order and get delivered the same night!

In cooperation with Burd Delivery, Parcel Feeder can pick and pack orders, that we receive till 16.00 CET. Burd delivery will then be able to make the delivery, on the same night. This service is possible in all the larger cities in Denmark and the cities in and around Copenhagen. Fast, cheap and with very little climate pressure. 

Delivered next day in the morning 365 days a year

In cooperation with DAO365, Parcel Feeder Fulfillment can make day to day deliveries, on orders received up till 16.00 CET the day before, in all of Denmark 365 days a year.

Combine the north as you wish to do it

In cooperation with two of the leading packaging distributors in the north, PostNord and Bring, Parcel Feeder Fulfillment is able to pick and pack orders which we receive up till 18.00 CET, and deliver them in most areas of the north and Scandinavia the next day.

Combined we are offering +12.000 packageshops and pick up parcels in the north, which your customers can choose from freely. 


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