Parcel Feeder, Midtager 29, 2605 Brøndby, Denmark
+45 70 27 27 07

Fulfillment for webshops

Full service e-commerce & fulfillment partner

Parcel Feeder is proud member and partner of Fulfillment 4 Europe in the Nordic Region. Fulfillment 4 Europe is an association of fulfillment houses. All driven by a mutual passion and ethos to deliver exceptional service. 

Ship with us

Parcel Feeder is working with the leading parcel and courier companies in Scandinavia and Europe. We’re using regional, national, international and postal services to access your customers desired service level. 

Order Fulfillment

We Pick, Pack and ship for danish and international webshops and wholesale companies. Scandinavia and Europe are serviced daily through a new food-approved fulfillment center outside of Copenhagen, Denmark


Connect your store or ERP system. Shopify, WordPress, Magento, Dandomain, SAP, Navison, Rest API and many others. Freight integrations are available for most leading carriers. Simplify and automate you supply chain.

Customer service

Our dedicated customer service agents are educated as freight forwarders or within warehouse logistcs and supply chain management. 

One Stop, full service fulfillment partner…

From our fufilment center in Broendby, Denmark PF Fulfillment, Pick, Pack and ship b2c orders to Europe and the rest of the World. Our customers are both small and established webshops, succesfull and well-funded startups and crowdfunding projects.

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